Cars……an asset? A liability? A monument? A show piece? A toy? A car means different things to different people, but the fact remains that if each individual knew the full potentiality of their cars, it would mean a lot more. For me, every car is an asset as well as a show piece, be it a 1992 Honda accord, a 2000 Toyota hiace, a 2005 maybach 52, or a 2014 lexus rx 450h. Every car is what you make of it, but everyone of it is a beauty, a product of of someone’s long standing imagination. Ultimately, the heartbeat of every car, the life of any mobility machine is the engine. A good engine makes a good, a great engine makes a great car, and of course an awesome engine makes an awesome car. We’ll be discussing engines in the next few days, ranging from the carburetor, to injector, to hybrid, to electric engines. Whatever car you drive, you are about to understand your engine!


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